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The Tenouk's Win32 - Windows 32 bitssystem (OS) programming tutorial. Learn the fundamentals how the 32 bits operatingsystem operates by executing low-level C programs. Investigate the internalof the Windows operating system while learning the C programminglanguage implementation. Execute C programs and see the action









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Win32 programming tutorial is implementationspecific to Windows operating system, that is for 32 bit Windowsoperating system family. Now we already have the 64 bit WindowsOperating System such as Windows OS x64 bit. However the fundamentalsin system programming not much change, the general principle and conceptstill retained. Based on theMSDN documentation but re-arranged in a readable and understandablesequence, avoiding a lot of cross references, this tutorial tries to investigatethe Windows 2000 (NT5) family system through Win32 C programming. The

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compiler used wasVisual C++ .Netwith no CLR (unmanaged), otherwise mentioned and the platform is Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 2. Allprogram example uses console mode application. The low-level programmingof this tutorial tries to cover all the main part of the Windows systemfrom Files, Directory, Access Controls (security), Registry, User andGroup, Process and Thread up to the overall security aspect of Windows OperatingSystem. This tutorial contains hundreds workingprogram examples. If you don't understand what is discussed or losthere, you should refer to theC/C++ Tutorial.  Some Windows kernel information also provided andgeneral info on the kernel implementation are given in ppt which can be found onthe right sidebar.

In the .NET programming, C++ .NET has been left forthe system and native programming, Microsoft is promoting the use ofC# and VB .NET. We found the .NET is nothing new, most of the featuresalready implemented in Java and 'similar feel' as Java. It is verybeneficial for the Java programmer, you should master .NET programminglanguage family faster. For the 64 bits system, we can expectthe Win64 programming. This Tutorial may be the longest one combining thestandard C and Microsoft extension to the standard C. Well, don't be a hacker but be an 'ethical  hacker'. Lethack, hack, hack Windows OSes.


C and Win32Programming Topics


Windows OS Specific: Fundamentals of File System - Drive, Directory, Volume, File etc.


Little Note: For VisualStudio/C++ .NET 2005-2008, please read theVisual .NET doc 1 andVisual .NET doc 2 on how to include the AdditionalDependencies into the project.

  1. Microsoft C: Part 1

  2. Microsoft C: Part 1a

  3. Microsoft C: Part 2

  4. Microsoft C: Part 2a

  5. Win32 C Programming: Part 1

  6. Win32 C Programming: Part 1a

  7. Supplementary note:Windows Storage & File System

  8. Win32 C Programming: Part 2

  9. Win32 C Programming: Part 2a

  10. Win32 C Programming: Part 3

  11. Win32 C Programming: Part 3a

  12. Win32 C Programming: Part 4

  13. Win32 C Programming: Part 4a

  14. Character Sets, Unicode & Locale

  15. Character Sets, Unicode & Locale Part 2

C and Windows OSes: Access Control List Security Fundamentals

  1. Windows Security Story: Part 1,Part 1a,Part 1b

  2. Windows Security Story: Part 2,Part 2a,Part 2b,Part 2c

  3. Windows Security Prog. Examples: Part 3,Part 3a

  4. Windows Security Prog. Examples: Part 4,Part 4a

  5. Windows Security Prog. Examples: Part 5,Part 5a

  6. Supplementary note #1:Functions

  7. Supplementary note #2:Structure, enum, macro etc.

C & WindowsOSes: User & Group

  1. Win User & Group Story and Program Examples: Part 1,Part 1a

  2. Win User & Group Story and Program Examples: Part 2,Part 2a

  3. Supplementary note:Functions and structures

C & WindowsOSes: Registry

  1. Windows Registry Story and Program Examples: Part 1,Part 1a

  2. More Windows Registry Program Examples: Part 2,Part 2a

  3. Supplementary note:Functions and Structures

C & WindowsOSes: Windows Share

  1. Windows Share Story and Program Examples: Part 1,Part 1b

  2. Supplementary note:Functions and Structures

C & WindowsOSes: Process, Thread & Synchronization

  1. Process, Thread & SynchronizationStory & Example: C Run-Time -part 1,part 2,part 3

  2. Process, Thread & SynchronizationExamples: C Run-Time,part 1

  3. Process, Thread & SynchronizationExamples: C Run-Time,part 2,part 3

  4. Process, Thread & SynchronizationStory & Example: Win32,part 1,part 2,part 3

  5. Process, Thread & SynchronizationStory & Example: Win32,part 4,part 5

  6. Process, Thread & SynchronizationExamples: Win32,part 1,part 2

  7. Process, Thread & SynchronizationExamples: Win32,part 3,part 4

  8. Process, Thread & SynchronizationExamples: Win32,part 5

  9. Synchronization:Story 1,Story 2,Story 3

  10. Synchronization: Examplespart 1

  11. Synchronization: Examplespart 2

  12. Supplementarynotes:Windows Process, Thread & Synchronization APIs Main page

  1.    Functions 1

  2.    Functions 2

  3.    Functions 3

  4.    Functions 4

  5.    Functions 5

  6.    Structures

C & WindowsOSes: Dynamic-Link Library, DLL

  1. Windows DLL Story

  2. Examples:Windows DLL part 1,Windows DLL part 2,Windows DLL part 3

  3. Supplementarynotes:Functions

C & WindowsOSes: Windows Services

  1. Story:Windows Services part 1,Windows Services part 2

  2. Windows Services Examples part 1

  3. Windows Services Examples part 2

  4. Windows Services Examples part 3,Examples part 4

  5. Supplementarynotes:Windows Services APIs Main page

  6. Windows Services APIs Functions 1

  7. Windows Services APIs Functions 2

  8. Windows Services APIs Functions 3

  9. Windows Services APIs Functions 4

  10. Windows Services Structures

  11. Supplementarynote:Windows's virtual address space

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The Win32 Programming With Multi byte/Unicode Code Example

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