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By assuming that you already 'mastered' the C and C++ programming in general, then what you can do with your little knowledge and skill? Yes, not much you can do with them or you need to create new libraries for your specific tasks from scratch! In theC/C++ Functions, you have learned how to create user defined functions for your specific tasks. You start with the function declaration and definition in the same main() program. Then for bigger size function codes, you start creating your own header files. By having your own header file, you already had your own 'library'. In a simple word, C/C++ library is a collection of functions that packaged in


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a collection of the related header files which do specific tasks such as for operating system functions, graphic manipulation, game programming etc. In C++ you will use functions and classes whether it is template or non-template based for the same purpose. Based on the libraries that come together with your compilers, not much you can do, isn’t it? The C and C++ library that come together with your compilers normally will include the Standard C/C++ library (portable to other compilers) and their extension (that only can be used with their own compilers). For Operating System specific you can rely on their C/C++ library extensions such as Win32 (Platform Software Development Kit – PSDK/SDK or Toolkit/Development Kit or Application Programming Interface (API) etc. in a wider scope) for various Windows operating system versions and for the Windows Graphic User Interface or GUI you can use the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) (MFC 2 andMFC 3) and the latest one is Windows Forms that run on the .Net framework. For Linux system you can use the GNU C/C++ libraries and for its GUI several options available such as GTKx (GNOME and hundred more applications developed using GTKx and KDE). Those libraries let you play around with the Operating System through the C/C++ programming. What about other programs or applications or products that you want to develop for those specific operating system or platform? Those applications include the device drivers (Windows, Linux) for the hardware that will be installed or plugged in to those machines. Others may include graphics, games, audio, video, mobile devices, scientific and engineering applications, tools, utilities and all applications that will be developed on those specific platforms.

In these cases, just depending on the Standard C/C++ library is not a solution. You need other third party libraries to do those jobs. Fortunately there are a lot of C/C++ libraries for specific applications development that already available for you to learn and use in order to develop applications for those specific tasks. There are free/open source and commercial C/C++ libraries. In the free libraries domain there are many more licensing types such as freeware, shareware, GPL etc. You need to download those libraries, install it and may need some configuration settings through your compilers.

Then you can start learning and do the programming...Normally the C/C++ libraries development started for certain projects that already developed or in the development stages that using those libraries. Each project may have their own C/C++ libraries. Other than commercial C/C++ libraries, you need to consider the installed/downloaded number, the latest version of the libraries (updated) and the supports before choosing to use them so that your applications development will not 'die' halfway or there is no support anymore. Don’t forget to check your C/C++ compiler documentation for specific, non-standard C/C++ libraries that supplied together for those specific C/C++ tasks programming. For the open source projects, you may also join them or create a new project using the C/C++ language (and libraries). Please feel free to submit the information for other C/C++ library that used widely and updated which you have found in the internet domain. Read more and...


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