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C++ and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) - Advanced Topics



This is a very good starting point if you are fresh in C/C++ programming and you should start here because in term of program structures, syntax wise, it is simpler and easier to understand. The codes used for the working program examples are mixed of C and C++ because C is subset of C++, so that you get knowledge and skills from both worlds. The topics in C/C++ tutorial are listed below and have been arranged in the learning sequence order. The difficult but very important topics may be Program controls, Array and Pointers. The codes used are ISO/IEC standards that also cover ANSI in general, otherwise mentioned. Main compilers used are Microsoft Visual C++ and originally Borland Builder C++ and at the end most of the topics, gcc and g++ examples also

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included. Keep in mind that most of the C++ compilers can compile C codes and all program examples are console mode application. In order to fully grasp the knowledge and skill you need to try all the examples and try learning through the program's output. Then if you already familiar, you can start create your own programs and learn how to modify the existing codes, re-compile and re-run, see the output changes. The best thing in mastering C/C++ may be that you can apply it in various platforms, Windows and Linux/Unix and easier to master other programming and scripting languages that using C/C++ wrappers.


Topics on C and C++ Programming Tutorials


The following are the C & C++ programming tutorial hands-on topics.

  1. C / C++ Introduction - Intro and history, building and running the first C/C++ program.

  2. C / C++ Basic Data Types - The basic C & C++ data types story and program examples.

  3. C / C++ Basic Data Types part 2 - More data type examples

  4. C / C++ Basic Data Types part 3 - Even more examples

  5. C / C++ Statements, Expressions & Operators: part 2 - Statements, expressions and operators used in C & C++ story and program examples.

  6. C / C++ Statements, Expressions & Operators: part 3

  7. C / C++ Statements, Expressions & Operators: part 4

  8. C / C++ Functions - Functions story and program examples.

  9. C / C++ Function part 2

  10. C / C++ Function part 3

  11. C / C++ Function part 4

  12. C Formatted I/O - The printf() and scanf() story and program examples.

  13. C Formatted I/O part 2

  14. C / C++ Program Controls - Loops, selection and repetition in C/C++, if-else, while, do-while, for, switch-case-break etc. story and program examples.

  15. C / C++ Program Control part 2

  16. C / C++ Arrays - Array or aggregated data type, story and program examples.

  17. C / C++ Array part 2

  18. C / C++ Pointers - Pointers, another very important data type, story and program examples.

  19. C / C++ Pointer part 2

  20. C / C++ Pointer part 3

  21. C File I/O - Standard file input/output, creating, reading and writing files, story and program examples.

  22. C File I/O part 2

  23. C File I/O part 3

  24. C / C++ Preprocessor Directives - Preprocessor directives used in C/C++, #include, macros, inline functions etc.

  25. C / C++ Type Specifiers: struct, typedef, union & enum - Various C/C++ aggregated data types and typedef.

C Extras

  1. Assembler, Compiler & Linker - Quite a complete story how C assembled, compiled, linked and run.

  2. C's Character and String Manipulation - Using standard C predefined functions in manipulating characters and strings, full of working program examples.

  3. main() and Command Line Arguments - A complete story of the main() function.

  4. C Storage and Memory Allocation and Command Line Arguments - Predefined functions used in memory allocation and de-allocation in C.

Other Related C & C++

  1. C / C++ Standards - Various C & C++ standards, IEC/ISO, POSIX etc.

  2. C / C++ Notation - Hungarian and Camel Case convention used in C/C++ programming.

  3. C / C++ Books



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