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First and foremost, please read the disclaimer and privacy statements. These Tutorials are Tenouk's compilation notes prepared by instructors for fresh students, that don't ever have experience writing a single line of code. It is very challenging to make them understand and write their own simple codes. Another challenge is the abstraction of the programming language itself.  Here, you are not just read the 'story', by creating, modifying and executing the codes, you make the 'story' and get the fact about the Learning Retention Rate. You will remember and get more when you do something, the hands-on, compared to just listening and observing. Some analytical thinking may also needed and hopefully, developed if you follow these step-by-step programming Tutorials. The source codes for the working program examples use C


Fast track, hands-on C Programming Tutorials - Questions, Answers and Activities


C and C++ Libraries, Toolkits, APIs, Components etc.


Use Your C/C++ Skills in The C/C++ Challenge


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The C and C++ CERT Secure Coding Standards


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C#, VB .NET & C++/CLI Winsock/ Socket/Network Programming Tutorials


Java programming resources and its' open source friends


A Complete Advanced Winsock2 & C Programming


Windows DLL


C++ and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)


C++ and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) - Advanced Topics


C++, Winsock, WinInet and MFC


::::Visual C++ .NET 2003/2005 Express/Visual Studio::::


C and Linux Programming - advanced



and C++ and when approaching the end of the Tutorial, more C++ code, till all the code are in C++. In the implementation specific like Win32 and Winsock tutorials, mix of Microsoft extension and standard C were used (it is a standard C though) and for Linux socket tutorial GNU C was used. More...

You will find that there are many C/C++ code 'versions' used in Tenouk.com and in the Internet domain. These reflect the non-standard, standard and standard in 'draft' of the C/C++. So, for newbie, before you do any coding or try any example, it is recommended, firstly you read Module 23 about Namespaces to get the big picture. Most of the source codes for the sample programs that have been re-compiled by Tenouks' friends using new compiler have been dumped in the C and C++ code sample index page, listed by topics and you also can dump your working C & C++ code snippets, in the C and C++ program example index (by email, to web master) so that all newbie can share it.




NAVIGATION >>> Use the main menus on the left and right sides of every main page. Every main menu link will send you to the new main Tutorial page with their own topics listed in 'this center area' else you will be sent to the topic directly. Every topic will opened in new window. When you already at the topic's page, use the top and bottom page navigation to browse all the topic in the respective tutorial. Some tutorials expand more than one page which the parts are listed at the bottom of the page. If you have a working C/C++ code snippet, email it to Webmaster, then it will appear in the C & C++ code sample and if you have found useful C/C++ library, APIs, SDKs, tools and similar, email to tenouk.com using this Contact. Please report any broken link to Tenouk using the Contact link. Many times Tenouk herself lost here. Have fun!!! or - means your current location.


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