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Well, you need an ample practice to master C/C++ programming or any other programming languages. These C tutorials try to provide answers based on the C questions taken form An Introduction to C and C++ for Technical Students: A skill-building Approach by Ramteke, Prentice Hall. It is the C part of the questions only.

The compiler used for this practice is Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition, run on Windows Xp Pro SP2 and some on Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition. All run as an empty Win32 console mode application. These C (most applicable to C++ as well) worksheets designed to give ample practice to the fresh students. All the topic will concentrate on the fundamentals but exposing the C's behavior, feature, in-depth and in details. It is combination of the notes, examples, questions and quizzes. To make your C/C++ learning process from ground zero till the sky is the limit, these worksheets should be used together with the C/C++ Tutorial. This series start with C codes and the topics has been arranged in a proper learning curve. You will find many new secure constructs in the standard C and Microsoft C used in this crap...crap....crap... practice, practice and practice.

Take note that the content of this section is more than the listed below. Use the top and bottom page navigation to see a complete tutorials using answers and questions and at the same time hopefully can build skill in C programming.

  1. Warming-up session: Converting the Visual C++ 6.0 project to Visual C++ 2003 - The steps on how to convert Visual C++ 6.0 project to Visual C++ 2003 .Net.

  2. Installing Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition - The step by step how to install Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Find the VC++ 2008 at Install and Use Visual C++ from Visual Studio 2008.

  3. Building, running and debugging our first C program - Using VC++ 2005 EE.

  4. C's main() and printf() family functions - The C main() and standard output, printf() function.

  5. C's variables, data types and operators - The basic C/C++ data types.

  6. C scanf(), scanf_s() family function - The C standard input function.

  7. C Program Control - Repetition Part 1 - for loop and flowcharts - for loop.

  8. C Program Control - Repetition Part 2 - while and do...while loop and flowcharts - do and do-while loops.

  9. C Program Control - Selection Part 1 - if-else construct and flowcharts - if and if-else.

  10. C Program Control - Selection Part 2 - more if-else and flowcharts - if-else.

  11. C Program Control - Selection Part 3 - switch-case-break and flowcharts - switch-case-break.

  12. Download and install the Windows Platform Software Development Kit, PSDK, SDK - Part 1.

  13. Install and configure the Windows Platform Software Development Kit, PSDK, SDK - Part 2.

  14. C/C++ Array Data Type Part 1 - C/C++ 1D array story and practice.

  15. C/C++ Array Data Type Part 2 - More on C/C++ 1D array story, practice and questions.

  16. More on C/C++ Array - 2D Array and the nested for loop Part 1 - 2D array story and practice.

  17. Final Part on C/C++ 2D Array and the nested for loop - part 2 - More on 2D array and nested loop.

  18. The loops and Array program examples: Questions and Answers.

  19. C/C++ Functions Part 1 - Functions with no returns value or void.

  20. C/C++ Functions and Arrays Part 2  - More on functions with no returns value or void.

  21. C/C++ Function with return values Part 3 - Functions that receive and return values.

  22. More on Function with return values Part 4 - More exercises and experiments.

  23. C/C++ Pointers Part 1 - Pointers, pointers relation with array, function and structures.

  24. More on C/C++ Pointers Part 2 - More practice, questions and experiments.

  25. C structure data type  Part 1 - structure for a group of different data type.

  26. More exercises for C struct data types Part 2.

  27. Indirection operator: pointers, arrays, functions and struct special topic - Part 1.

  28. More on the indirection operator: the operator usage in pointers - Part 2

  29. Final part of the indirection operator in pointers, arrays, functions and struct data type - Part 3.

  30. Last thought find what these C programs did.

  31. For completeness: C characters and strings

  32. C struct, typedef, enum and union

  33. :::::: C File input/output

  34. :::::: C and command line arguments

  35. ::::::: C and memory functions.




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