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The following are the main index links for the code samples used in Tenouk.com tutorials for C and C++ which were arranged by main topics as appears in Tenouk.com. The code samples have been updated by re-building using Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 and 2010. You may need to clean up the HTML formatting when trying to rebuild the sample codes in Visual C++ IDE using Notepad or WordPad or other unformatted text editors. The total code samples are more than 700. If you want to do more practice on the standard C, the question and answer version which is the hands-on approach is available at C programming practice. The implementation specific also included in this code example index which cover the Microsoft C-runtime (CRT) and Microsoft Win32 which demonstrate how the C language was implemented in the real application programming.

The C++ part repeats the C constructs such as data types, operators and operands, array and pointers. The object oriented principles start with the C/C++ struct type, then class which covers the encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism principles for object oriented programming. With the basic template base class, we proceed to the Standard Template Library (STL). The real C++ implementation in real application programming can be found in MFC programming and C++/CLI (C++ with  Microsoft extension). The Visual C++ programming which cover the standard and implementation specific can be found at Visual C++/CLI programming.




  1. The C code samples index page- more than 340 code samples!

  2. More C code examples - countless!

  3. The C++ code samples index page ~ 500 C++ code samples!


The navigation is three layers: This page >> C or C++ index page >> code sample page.

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