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The following are the main index links for the code samples used in Tenouk.com tutorials for C and C++ which were arranged by main topics as in Tenouk.com. The code samples have been updated by re-building using Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 and some with 2010. You may need to clean up the HTML formatting using unformatted text editor when trying to rebuild the sample codes in Visual C++ IDE. The total code samples are more than 300. More C code sample can be found at C programming practice. Have a nice coding practice!



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  1. C Data types (Simple C program examples to demonstrate the data types) - 8 code samples

  2. C Statements, Operators, Operands, Expressions (Sample programs related to C statements, operators and expression) - 16 code samples

  3. C User Defined Functions (The C user defined functions code and program examples) - 9 code samples

  4. C Formatted Input/Output (The C formatted Input/Output code samples) - 15 code samples

  5. C Program Controls: Repetition/Loop and Selection (The C program controls code examples) - 16 code samples

  6. C Arrays (The C array type code samples) - 11 code samples

  7. C Pointers (The C pointers code samples) - 13 code samples

  1. C File Input/Output (The C file input/output program samples - printf(), scanf(), scanf_s() etc.) - 11 code samples

  2. C Preprocessor Directives (The C preprocessor directives code examples) - 7 code samples

  3. C & C++ Struct, Typedef, Union, Enum (The C & C++ struct, typedef, union, enum code examples) - 14 code samples

  4. C And C++ for main() and Command Line Arguments (The C & C++ command line arguments program samples) - 8 code samples

  5. C Characters & Strings (The C character & string code samples which are the C functions used in manipulating characters & strings, including the secure or safe versions) - 29 code samples

  6. C & C++ Typecasting (The C & C++ typecasting code example in doing the manual type casting) - 18 code samples

  7. C And C++ Exception Handling (The C & C++ exception handling program examples) - 20 code samples

  8. C and Windows Win32 Programming (The C & Win32 working code samples. This is Windows system console mode programming) - 76 code samples

  9. C And Linux Socket (The Linux socket C & C++ code snippets): Go to Linux socket section - find it yourself!

  10. C And Winsock, Windows Socket 2 (The Winsock C code snippets): Go to Windows socket programming using C - find it yourself!

  11. C Miscellaneous (Miscellaneous C code examples)

    1. Another simple C program example - 1 code sample

    2. A very simple C code - 1 code sample

  12. C Memory Management Functions (The C memory related functions code samples) - 8 code samples

  13. C And C++ Storage or Variable Scope (The C & C++ variables and storage class and scope code examples) - 6 code samples

  14. C Run-Time, CRT (The C Run-Time/CRT code samples used in Windows programming) - 56 code samples


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C and C++ Programming Resources | C++ Code Example Index