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The C and C++ Exception Handling Sample Codes Index Page


The following links provide the code samples on the C and C++ exception handling such as try-catch-throw and __try__finally constructs. The exception handling used for handling the exceptions at the programming stage which has been proved to be very good practice to reduce the program bugs.


C And C++ Exception Handling (The C & C++ exception handling program examples)



  1. The domain_error exception and typeid() C++ program example

  2. The bad_typeid C++ exception code sample

  3. Catching the invalid_argument exception in C++ example

  4. The runtime_error C++ exception code sample

  5. The C++ overflow_error exception program example

  6. The range_error exception C++ code sample

  7. The C++ set_unexpected(), unexpected() and terminate() functions usage for program control

  8. The bad_alloc C++ exception source code sample

  9. The bad_cast and RTTI C++ program example

  10. The out_of_range C++ code example

  11. The C++ standard exceptions code sample

  12. The C++ exception (handling) specification

  13. The exit() and set_terminate() program example for program flow control

  14. The C++ class and try-catch-throw construct code example

  15. An empty throw statement for try-catch-throw example

  16. The exception handling, class and destructor C++ program example

  17. The try-catch-throw - mismatch type C++ example

  18. Multiple or conditional catch (try-catch-throw) code sample

  19. The try-catch-throw code sample in handling the exception

  20. The exception handling: try-catch and __try__finally construct example


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