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A continuation from the C/C++ tutorial. Let continue our C++ Journey, dig more C++ functionalities and features of the object oriented principles and paradigm. Learn the fundamentals of the encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism that have been used in many other object oriented and visual programming languages such as Java and .NET itself. See the C++ beauty and crap



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This is pure C++ tutorial, introduced together with the Object Oriented idea. The topics that already covered in C/C++ tutorial such as Array, Pointers and Functions will not be repeated here. Those topics are reusable. For the Object Oriented part, you will learn how the data in a class been encapsulated, objects instantiation and sending message through the class construction using C++ programs.

Most of the time, in the real world applications, you don't have to create your own classes because those class libraries are normally supplied together with the compilers that you use, for example Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC). So, at the end you just learn how to use those classes. Unfortunately using ready made classes become





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quite difficult if you don't have any basic knowledge about classes and basic object oriented principles. Several important principles such as polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation have been included in this tutorial. For your information, the object oriented design and analysis not included in this tutorial. The compiler used are Visual C++ 6.0 and .Net though at the beginning Borland C++ Builder 5.0 also used.

At the end most of the topics, program examples re-compiled using G++ under Fedora Core also included where we can see the portability of the Standard C++. We will start from structure (struct), then class and object instantiation and manipulations. At the end we can create our own classes while 'enjoying' the features and principles of the object oriented. You can see the C++ object oriented concept and principle used in Java. It should be easy for you if you want to learn Java later on. For Microsoft 'products', C++ have been used intensively in MFC and the .NET.

C++ And Object Oriented Programming Idea Topics


This tutorial should be used together with the previous C/C++ tutorials. Link will be opened in new window.

  1. Encapsulation:  Part 1 - Objects & Classes - C++ object, class and data abstraction fundamentals, note and program examples.

  2. Encapsulation:  Part 1a - Objects & Classes - Program example

  3. Encapsulation:  Part 2 - Program examples

  4. Encapsulation:  Part 2a - Program examples

  5. Encapsulation:  Part 2b - Program examples

  6. Encapsulation:  Part 2c - Program examples

  7. Inheritance: Part 1 - C++ object/class inheritance, extending the classes.

  8. Inheritance: Part 2 - Program examples

  9. Inheritance: Part 2a - Program examples

  10. Inheritance: Part 3 - Multi inheritance - C++ object/class multi inheritance, generic types.

  11. Inheritance: Part 3a - Multi inheritance

  12. Polymorphism - C++ polymorphism, virtual functions.

  13. C++ Formatted I/O - Standard C++ formatted input/output - cin, cout, cerr etc.

  14. C++ File I/O - Standard C++ file input/output - read, write, create file streams.

  15. Storage Classes: const, volatile, static, auto, register - const, static, auto, register, volatile, mutable etc.

  16. C / C++ Exception Handling - Simple and structured exception handling (SEH) - try-catch-throw etc.

  17. C++ Typecasting - The simple/automatic and advanced C++ type castings - simple cast, up/down/cross cast.

  18. C++ Namespaces - The C++ namespaces - std, using directive etc.

  19. C++ Implementation In Java and C++ .NET (C++/CLI) - class and object 'seen' from program examples.

  20. C++ Object Oriented Related Books

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