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The Tenouk's C++ Standard Template Library (STL) programming tutorial. Let play with C++ and STL, doing the generic, template based programming.  See how most of the C & C++ program routines implemented efficiently using STL, making more productive in programming and software development





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If you already studied the previous tutorials, you have completed the procedural or modular programming approach and then the fundamental of object oriented programming. In order to complete your C and C++ journey, this tutorial will introduce you the C++ generic or template based programming, the Standard Template Library - STL. You will be provided with ready made templates, then, you customize it to suit your programming needs. Though the template based programming not new, the STL makes many programming tasks easier, faster and efficient such as for the frequently used and complex routines. Most of the framework and C++ libraries including the XML are based on the templates and if you have noticed, there are many project templates





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when you want to build C or C++ project using IDE compilers. The mostly searched and used STL may be the character and string manipulation. Compiler used in this Tutorial is Visual Studio .Net 2003 because many of the C++ features do not supported by some of the older and lousy compilers such as Visual C++ 6.0® with Service Pack 6 (SP6) as well :o). You may want to try new VC++ .NET 2008 or the 'older' one, VC++ .NET 2005. g++ (GNU C++) program examples re-compilation are given at the end most of the topics to appreciate its portability. Keep in mind that the STL just a matter of small library based on the Standard C++. There are many more template based library used in specific fields of programming such as Games and Engineering applications.


C++ and Standard Template Library (STL) Topics


We start with template classes and functions in learning the construct of the generic classes and functions. Then we proceed with the story and a lot of very simple working program examples of the template member functions available in the Standard C++ Template Library to see how these creatures work. Study how the Containers, Iterators and Algorithms work together to yield the efficiency and performance for the routines used. No need for us to create new 'wheels', use the available and tested 'wheels'.




  1. A Template - Starting point, the generic data/object/class/function types.

  2. Container:  Part 1 - vector, deque

  3. Container:  Part 2 - vector, deque

  4. Container:  Part 3 - list, set, multiset

  5. Container:  Part 4 - map, multimap, hash_map, hash_multimap, hash_set, hash_multiset

  6. Container:  Part 5 - map, multimap, hash_map, hash_multimap, hash_set, hash_multiset

  7. Container:  Part 6 - map, multimap, hash_map, hash_multimap, hash_set, hash_multiset

  8. Container Adaptors - Stack, Queue & Priority Queue

  9. Iterator: Part 1

  10. Iterator: Part 2

  11. Iterator: Part 3 - Iterator Adaptors

  12. Algorithm: Part 1 - Introduction

  13. Algorithm: Part 2 - member Functions

  14. Algorithm: Part 3 - member Functions

  15. Algorithm: Part 4 - member Functions, cont.

  16. Algorithm: Part 5 - member Functions, cont.

  17. Algorithm: Part 6 - member Functions. cont.

  18. Algorithm: Part 7 - member Functions. cont.

  19. Algorithm: Part 8 - member Functions, cont.

  20. C++ Character & String Manipulation:  Part 1

  21. C++ Character & String Manipulation:  Part 2

  22. C++ Character & String Manipulation:  Part 3

  23. C++ Character & String Manipulation:  Part 4

  24. C++ Character & String Manipulation:  Part 5

  25. Function Objects

  26. C++ & STL Books

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