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C/C++ Standards


Using C/C++ Compilers


C/C++ Tutorial


C and Win32 Tutorial


C and Winsock2 Tutorial


C, Winsock 2 and IPv6 Tutorial


C and Linux Socket Tutorial


C++ and Object Oriented Programming


C and C++ Standard Library Online Documentation


C/C++ and Buffer Overflow


C++ and Standard Template Library (STL)


C++ and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC)


C++ and Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) - Advanced Topics


C++, Winsock, WinInet and MFC


::Visual C++ .NET 2003/2005 Express/Visual Studio::


C#, VB .NET & C++/CLI Winsock/ Socket/Network Programming Tutorials



At the beginning of Tenouk's tutorial preparation,Borland Turbo C++ was used. It is very simple, fast and light but nowadays Integrated Development Environment (IDE) type of compilers are used because of programs complexity and size. Those IDEs have many other features such as standard conformance checker, code validation and buffer overflow or memory leak protections. The new C/C++ constructs and libraries such as new secure C and C++ functions only available in new versions of the respective compilers.

This Tutorial is about installing and the basic on how to use C/C++ compilers. It includes the advanced C/C++ IDE presented in step-by-step manner.

Learn C programming in a Fast Track manner through practices.


C C++ Libraries, Toolkits, APIs, Components etc.


Use Your C/C++ Skills in The C/C++ Challenge


C Code Listing ~ 340 C code samples


C++ Code Listing ~ 500 C++ code Samples


C & Linux Device Driver (ext)


Search C & C++ Source Codes, Programs





C & C++ CERT Secure Coding Standards


Java programming resources and its' open source friends


C and Linux Programming - advanced




Not just Windows Visual C++ and .Net, theLinux/Unix GPL GCC and G++ also included. At least we can see the C/C++ code portability here, C/C++ program compiled using one compiler can be re-compiled using other C/C++ compilers without any or just small code modification. Though most of the program examples in Tenouk's tutorial used Microsoft Visual C++ (6.0 and .Net) IDE, at the end most of the topics, gcc (for c programs) and g++ (for c++ programs) program examples compilation are given. The light and faster Borland Turbo C++ that can be be considered obsolete, has been revamped and re-promoted with new version by Borland because of the demand from Borland's product user...We also have C programming through practice using a free, Visual Studio light version, Visual C++ .NET 2005 Express Edition. The new version is Visual C++ .NET 2010 Express Edition and the Visual Studio 2010 coming with latest .NET framework.


Using C & C++ Compilers & IDEs


Learn the basic on how to use Visual C++, Borland and other C/C++ compilers step-by-steps with the following topics.



Users that want to use pure C89/C99/C11 support using Visual Studio C++ (VC++), you may want to read the following article by Herb Sutter. You should take note regarding the C/C++ standard compliance compiler/IDE and your target platform before choosing compiler/IDE.

  1. Borland C++ 4.x / 5.x.
  2. Borland C++ Builder 6.x.
  3. Borland BuilderX.
  4. Microsoft Visual C++ 5.x / 6.x.
  5. Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0: Compiling the GUI program (MFC): Story and Example.
  6. Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 (7.0) / .Net.
  7. Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (8.0) Express Edition: Install and Use.
  8. Download and install the Windows Platform Software Development Kit, PSDK, SDK - Part 1.
  9. Install and configure the Windows Platform Software Development Kit, PSDK, SDK - Part 2.
  10. Install and Use Visual C++ from Visual Studio 2005.
  11. Install and Use Visual C++ from Visual Studio 2008.
  12. Download, install and verify Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
  13. Download and install Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition: C#, VB, C++ and Visual Web Developer. Some info on MSSQL Express Edition database also included.
  14. Install Borland Developer Studio 2006.
  1. Installing Windows Driver Development Kit (DDK), WinDbg and Symbols package.
  2. GCC, G++ & GDB: Part 1 - Commands & Options.
  3. Other Linux / Fedora Useful Utilities: Part 2 - Commands & Options.
  4. More C/C++ compiler/IDE resources.
  5. C / C++ Books.


Other Related Compilers & IDEs Resources



Online and Mobile C, C++ Compiler, IDE


  1. Linux Programming resources

  2. Interactive Shell Programming tutorial

  3. How to develop Linux Kernel

  4. Another Linux Kernel Development Tutorial

  5. Solaris Device Driver Development Tutorial

  6. Robert Love Linux Kernel Development 3rd Edition - pdf

  7. Orielly Linux Device Driver 3rd Edition - pdf




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