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Functions, structures etc.















Windows Process, thread and synchronization: Functions, structures and other related items used in program examples of theWindows Processes & Threads Synchronization 1 andWindows Processes & Threads Synchronization 2 or wherever applicable.



  1. Functions/APIs: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

  2. Structures and other related items if any: Part 1



Further reading and digging:


  1. Microsoft Visual C++, online MSDN.

  2. Structure, enum, union and typedef story can be found in struct, typedef, enum etc..

  3. For Multi bytes, Unicode characters and Localization please refer to Multi-byte & Unicode 1 (Story) and Multi byte & Unicode 2 (Implementation).

  4. Windows data types can be found in Windows data types.

  5. Check the best selling C / C++ and Windows books at Amazon.com.








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