C and C++ Resources

This page will host some of the real C/C++ projects or applications building and running. We would like to see how accurate the information provided in order to build and run the real applications not on how the program works that should be asked to the original developer. This is not to undermine the original developer, we just want to see the real process. The accurateness normally based on the individual needs, different needs, will have different specifications.

The source codes should be available on the Internet domain and this should be the open source applications. We will go through from downloading the source codes and then start reading the build notes and the related documentations regarding the program building. Along the step-by-step process we will try to provide the screen shots and brief description on what actually happen. However we are not responsible for the accurateness of the provided information. It is provided on "as is" basis. We are more concern on the information usefulness not the accurateness. The accurateness should be learned and found by you based on your requirements or needs.

Hopefully this will be useful for new learners in learning and appreciating the process, steps and the 'art' of compiling, linking and running the real C/C++ projects. We should expect many responses on this because there are many compilers, free and commercial with different type of editions or versions and configured to various project environment settings. Furthermore, the platforms used to build and the target machines also is a lot. So, which one can we say is correct? Who are we to say it is incorrect? Provided there are no error(s), (and warnings as well) we assume it is ok. Then, enjoy yourself buddy!

The first real application is based on the request by somebody out there. He/she need to provide a documentation on the whole process of building the open source encryption scheme application. However the application'sGUI uses Borland Delphi.

Other related and may be useful to you is the step-by-step resources with screen shots that can be found atinstallsetupconfig.com.