The Windows DllMain(), creating a DLL program without the lib file





// DLL project name: moredll, source file name: dllentryfunc.cpp generating moredll.dll

// but no moredll.lib! The DLL entry-point function sets up shared memory using a named file-mapping object.

#include <windows.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <memory.h>


#define SHMEMSIZE 4096


static LPVOID lpvMem = NULL; // pointer to shared memory

static HANDLE hMapObject = NULL; // handle to file mapping


BOOL DllMain(HINSTANCE hinstDLL, // DLL module handle

DWORD fdwReason, // reason called

LPVOID lpvReserved) // reserved


BOOL fInit, fIgnore;

switch (fdwReason)


// The DLL is loading due to process initialization or a call to LoadLibrary().


printf("The DLL is loading...from moredll.dll.\n");

// Create a named file mapping object.

hMapObject = CreateFileMapping(

INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, // use paging file

NULL, // default security attributes

PAGE_READWRITE, // read/write access

0, // size: high 32-bits

SHMEMSIZE, // size: low 32-bits

L"dllmemfilemap"); // name of map object


if (hMapObject == NULL)

return FALSE;


printf("CreateFileMapping() is OK.\n");


// The first process to attach initializes memory.

fInit = (GetLastError() != ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS);


// Get a pointer to the file-mapped shared memory.

lpvMem = MapViewOfFile(

hMapObject, // object to map view of

FILE_MAP_WRITE, // read/write access

0, // high offset: map from

0, // low offset: beginning

0); // default: map entire file

if (lpvMem == NULL)

return FALSE;


printf("MapViewOfFile() is OK.\n");


// Initialize memory if this is the first process.

if (fInit)

memset(lpvMem, '\0', SHMEMSIZE);



// The attached process creates a new thread.


printf("The attached process creates a new thread...from moredll.dll.\n");



// The thread of the attached process terminates.


printf("The thread of the attached process terminates... from moredll.dll.\n");



// The DLL is unloading from a process due to process termination or a call to FreeLibrary().


printf("The DLL is unloading from a process... from moredll.dll.\n");

// Unmap shared memory from the process's address space.

fIgnore = UnmapViewOfFile(lpvMem);

// Close the process's handle to the file-mapping object.

fIgnore = CloseHandle(hMapObject);




printf("Reason called not matched, error if any: %d... from moredll.dll.\n", GetLastError());



return TRUE;





// Can be commented out for this example...

// SetSharedMem() sets the contents of shared memory.

VOID SetSharedMem(LPTSTR lpszBuf)


LPTSTR lpszTmp = L"Testing some string";

// Get the address of the shared memory block.

lpszTmp = (LPTSTR) lpvMem;

// Copy the null-terminated string into shared memory.

while (*lpszBuf)

*lpszTmp++ = *lpszBuf++;

*lpszTmp = '\0';

printf("The content: %S.\n", lpszTmp);



// Can be commented out for this example...

// GetSharedMem() gets the contents of shared memory.

VOID GetSharedMem(LPTSTR lpszBuf, DWORD cchSize)


LPTSTR lpszTmp;

// Get the address of the shared memory block.

lpszTmp = (LPTSTR) lpvMem;

// Copy from shared memory into the caller's buffer.

while (*lpszTmp && --cchSize)

*lpszBuf++ = *lpszTmp++;

*lpszBuf = '\0';

printf("The caller buffer: %S.\n", lpszBuf);



Output example:


// Need other program to run this DLL, see the next example


Compiler: Visual C++ Express Edition 2005

Compiled on Platform: Windows Xp Pro SP2

Target platform: none, just for learning and fun

Header file: Standard and Windows

Additional library: Windows Platform SDK

Additional project setting: Set project to be compiled as C.

Project->your_project_name Properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->Advanced->Compiled As: Compiled as C Code (/TC)

Other info: This is DLL project. non-CLR or unmanaged.

Need to add Advapi32.lib (Advapi32.dll) to the project. Click the Project menu->Select the your_project_name Properties...sub menu->Expand the Configuration Properties folder on the left pane->Expand the Linker subfolder->Select the Input subfolder->Select the Additional Dependencies field on the right pane->Click the ... at the end of the field->Type in 'Advapi32.lib' in the empty pane->Click the OK button->Click the OK button second time to close the project Properties dialog.

Using __stdcall. Project->your_project_name Properties->Configuration Properties->C/C++->Advanced->Calling Convention->Change __cdecl (/Gd) to __stdcall (/Gz)

To do: The Windows DllMain() programming, creating a DLL program without the lib file

To show: The Windows process, thread and Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Win32 programming




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