The C++ basic_string class member, replace() part II code example


Compiler: Visual C++ Express Edition 2005

Compiled on Platform: Windows XP Pro SP2

Header file: Standard

Additional library: none/default

Additional project setting: Set project to be compiled as C++

Project -> your_project_name Properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> Compiled As: Compiled as C++ Code (/TP)

Other info: none

To do: Replacing the elements in a string at a specified position with specified characters or characters copied from other ranges or strings or C-strings using replace(), the basic_string class member in C++ programming

To show: How to use the replace(), the basic_string class member in C++ programming part II




// the C++ replace() example part II

#include <string>

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;


int main(void)


// replacing part of the string, delineated with iterators, with a string or C-string

string str11, str12;

string str13("TESTING1");

string str14("123");

const char* cstr3 ="AAA";


cout<<"str13 string is: "<<str13<<endl;

cout<<"str14 string is: "<<str14<<endl;

cout<<"cstr3 C-string is: "<<cstr3<<endl;

basic_string<char>::iterator Iter1, Iter2;


cout<<"Operation: str13.begin()"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str13.begin() + 3"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str13.replace(Iter1, Iter2, str14)"<<endl;

Iter1 = str13.begin();

Iter2 = str13.begin() + 3;

str11 = str13.replace(Iter1, Iter2, str14);

cout<<"The new string is: "<<str11<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str13.replace(Iter1, Iter2, cstr3)"<<endl;

str12 = str13.replace(Iter1, Iter2, cstr3);

cout<<"The new string is: "<<str12<<endl<<endl;


// replacing part of the string delineated with iterators with a number of C-string characters

string str15;

string str16("TESTING2");

const char* cstr4 ="1234AA";

cout<<"str16 string is: "<<str16<<endl;

cout<<"cstr4 C-string is: "<<cstr4<<endl;

basic_string<char>::iterator Iter3, Iter4;

cout<<"Operation: str16.begin()"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str16.begin() + 4"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str16.replace(Iter3, Iter4, cstr4, 4)"<<endl;

Iter3 = str16.begin();

Iter4 = str16.begin() + 4;

str15 = str16.replace(Iter3, Iter4, cstr4, 4);

cout<<"The new string is: "<<str15<<endl<<endl;


// replacing part of the string delineated with iterators with specified characters

string str17;

string str18("TESTING3");

char cstr5 = 'u';


cout<<"str18 string is: "<<str18<<endl;

cout<<"cstr5 character is: "<<cstr5<<endl;

basic_string<char>::iterator Iter5, Iter6;

Iter5 = str18.begin();

Iter6 = str18.begin() + 3;


str17 = str18.replace(Iter5, Iter6, 4, cstr5);

cout<<"The new string is: "<<str17<<endl<<endl;


// replacing part of the operand string delineated with iterators with part of a parameter string delineated with iterators

string str19;

string str20("TESTING4"); // operand

string str21("1234"); // parameter

cout<<"str20 string is: "<<str20<<endl;

cout<<"str21 string is: "<<str21<<endl;

basic_string<char>::iterator Iter7, Iter8, Iter9, Iter10;

cout<<"Operation: str20.begin() + 1"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str20.begin() + 3"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str21.begin()"<<endl;

cout<<"Operation: str21.begin() + 2"<<endl;

Iter7 = str20.begin() + 1;

Iter8 = str20.begin() + 3;

Iter9 = str21.begin();

Iter10 = str21.begin() + 2;

cout<<"Operation: str20.replace(Iter7, Iter8, Iter9, Iter10)"<<endl;

str19 = str20.replace(Iter7, Iter8, Iter9, Iter10);

cout<<"The new string is: "<<str19<<endl;


return 0;



Output example:


str13 string is: TESTING1

str14 string is: 123

cstr3 C-string is: AAA

Operation: str13.begin()

Operation: str13.begin() + 3

Operation: str13.replace(Iter1, Iter2, str14)

The new string is: 123TING1

Operation: str13.replace(Iter1, Iter2, cstr3)

The new string is: AAATING1


str16 string is: TESTING2

cstr4 C-string is: 1234AA

Operation: str16.begin()

Operation: str16.begin() + 4

Operation: str16.replace(Iter3, Iter4, cstr4, 4)

The new string is: 1234ING2


str18 string is: TESTING3

cstr5 character is: u

The new string is: uuuuTING3


str20 string is: TESTING4

str21 string is: 1234

Operation: str20.begin() + 1

Operation: str20.begin() + 3

Operation: str21.begin()

Operation: str21.begin() + 2

Operation: str20.replace(Iter7, Iter8, Iter9, Iter10)

The new string is: T12TING4

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