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The following are the main index links for the code samples and working program example used in Tenouk.com tutorials for standard C++, which were arranged by main topics as in Tenouk.com. The code samples have been updated by re-building using Visual C++ Express Edition 2008 and some with 2010. You may need to clean up the HTML formatting when trying to re-build the sample codes in Visual C++ IDE. The total code samples are more than 400. The sequence start with the fundamental C++ programming which covers the basic C++ construct such as data type, program controls, array and pointers.

The object oriented part which starts from the struct type, covers the encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism principles and most of the code samples are dealing with the class objects. Another part covers the Standard Template Library (STL) which automate most of the routines based on the standard C++. To demonstrate the use of collections in C++, the characters and strings manipulations show how the implementation was done.


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  1. The C++ Data Types, Operators, Operands, Statements and Expressions Program Example

  2. The C++ Functions Code Samples

  3. The C++ Formatted Input/Output Program Examples

  4. The C++ Program Controls: Repetition/loop, Selection/conditional and branching Sample Codes

  5. The C++ Array and Pointer Types Sample Codes

  1. The C++ File Input/Output Code Examples

  2. C++ and The Fundamental of Object Oriented Programming: Class, Object, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism Code Examples

  3. C++ Characters and Strings Manipulation (using the class member functions/methods) Program Examples

  4. C and C++ Typecastings (implicit and explicit) Code Samples

  5. C++ Namespaces Program Examples

  6. C++ Preprocessor Directives Code Samples

  7. The C++ and Standard Template Library (STL)



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C and C++ Programming Resources | C Code Example Index